Lesotho Country Overview
The Kingdom of Lesotho is a small, landlocked State entirely surrounded by South Africa. The total land area of Lesotho is 30,355 km2 , consisting of four topographical areas, i.e. Highlands, Foothills, Lowland and the Senqu River Valley. About 80% of Lesotho‘s population lives in the Lowland and Foothills, which cover 30% of the land area. Most of Lesotho‘s productive arable land is found in these two topographical areas. Land in the Highlands and Senqu River Valley is suitable primarily for grazing and has low population densities. The country had 1.8 million inhabitants (2006) with an annual growth rate of 1%. Population density is 59 inhabitants per km2 , and 82% of the population live in the rural areas. The household budget survey revealed that 54% of the population lives below the national poverty line of $1.50 per day. Agriculture in Lesotho is mainly subsistence-based and is predominantly rain-fed and therefore extremely vulnerable to drought conditions. 80% of the population lives in the rural areas where most agricultural activities occur. More than 50% derive their livelihood from crops and livestock production and about 60% of the labour force is employed in the sector. Agriculture accounts for 16% of exports and 50% of the country's basic food needs. Altogether, arable land represents only about 9% of Lesotho's total area. The share of agriculture in GDP has fallen to 17% (25% in 1990). Crops and livestock production each contribute between 40-60% and 30-40%, respectively to the agricultural GDP.

Key Statistics
Population 1,897,000 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
Employed in Agriculture N/A
GDP (USD) 2,366,000,000 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
GDP Agriculture Share (%) 8.3 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
National Budget (USD) N/A
Agriculture Budget (%) N/A

Latest Maize Balance (MT)
Year N/A
Availability N/A
Requirement N/A

Food Insecurity Numbers
Year 2010
Consumption Period 2010/2011
Total Vulnerable 200,000
Recent Staple Crop Production (Maize)

Recent Livestock Population (Cattle)
Provincial figures
Provincial Crop Production