Mauritius Country Overview
The Republic of Mauritius, an island nation, is a small tropical volcanic island of about 2040 km2 situated in the West Indian Ocean at about 2200 km off the southern east coast of Africa. In addition to mainland Mauritius, the Republic of Mauritius also comprises of the outer islands: Rodrigues (surface area 10,800 ha) Agalega, St. Brandon, Tromelin and some small islets. The total area of the Republic of Mauritius is some 2045 km2, with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.9 million km2 extending 200 nautical miles from the coasts of the island. It is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs. Mauritius has two main seasons: winter between May to October and summer between November to April. The island receives its maximum precipitation (70%) in terms of rainfall intensity and quantity during the summer season. Annual average rainfall varies from 4,000 mm on the Central Plateau to 900 mm along the northern and western coasts. Rainfall areas are referred to as super-humid (2400 mm rainfall/year), humid (1200-2400 mm rainfall/year) and sub-humid (1200 mm rainfall/year). The island is visited annually by cyclones, of varying intensity in the months of November to March. As at 1st July 2008, the population of the Republic of Mauritius stood at 1,268,835 (1,260,692, in 2007) of which 56% live in the rural areas. The Mauritian farming system is characterised by 3 major systems of production; backyard production, small scale market production with an average farm size of 0.25a, commercial market production and a few large scale production units by the corporate sector such as large planters and sugar estates.

Key Statistics
Population 1,286,000 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
Employed in Agriculture N/A
GDP (USD) 10,790,107,010 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
GDP Agriculture Share (%) 3.66 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
National Budget (USD) N/A
Agriculture Budget (%) N/A

Latest Maize Balance (MT)
Year N/A
Availability N/A
Requirement N/A

Food Insecurity Numbers
Year N/A
Consumption Period N/A
Total Vulnerable N/A
Recent Staple Crop Production (Maize)

Recent Livestock Population (Cattle)
Provincial figures
Provincial Crop Production