Seychelles Country Overview
The Republic of the Seychelles is a group of small islands located in the South Western Indian Ocean. Seychelles constitutes of up to 115 islands with a total surfaces area of 45,500 ha. Seychelles enjoys an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of about 1.3 million km2 . Annual rainfall ranges from 1,700 mm in the south to about 3,000 mm in the hills. The population of the Seychelles, in 2009, stood at just over 87,000 with over 85% living on the main island of Mahé (area of 152.5 km2 ). The major farming systems are (i) registered commercial farmers on average sized farm of 0.5 ha either growing vegetables, rearing livestock or carrying out mixed farming; and (ii) home gardeners that produce for home consumption, barter or sale with friends, relatives and neighbours. The Agricultural sector in Seychelles has lost most of its economic importance over the last two decades. The fisheries sector has become a strong economic pillar.

Key Statistics
Population 87,441 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
Employed in Agriculture N/A
GDP (USD) 1,014,000,000 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
GDP Agriculture Share (%) 2.7 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
National Budget (USD) N/A
Agriculture Budget (%) N/A

Latest Maize Balance (MT)
Year N/A
Availability N/A
Requirement N/A

Food Insecurity Numbers
Year N/A
Consumption Period N/A
Total Vulnerable N/A
Recent Staple Crop Production (Maize) (N/A)

Recent Livestock Population (Cattle) (N/A)
Provincial figures
Provincial Crop Production