South Africa Country Overview
South Africa occupies the southern tip of Africa, its long coastline stretching more than 2 500km from the desert border with Namibia on the Atlantic coast, southwards around the tip of Africa, then north to the border with subtropical Mozambique on the Indian Ocean. The total land area of South Africa covers slightly more than 1.2-million square kilometres. South Africa measures some 1 600km from north to south, and roughly the same from east to west. The country has nine provinces, which vary considerably in size. The smallest is tiny and crowded Gauteng, a highly urbanised region, and the largest the vast, arid and empty Northern Cape, which takes up almost a third of South Africa's total land area. According to Stats SA (2009c) mid-year estimates, South Africa has a population of 49.3 million, 52% of which is female. Gauteng province comprises the largest share (21.4%) of the population, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 21.2% share. Northern Cape province has the smallest share (2.3%) of the population. Nearly a third of South Africa‘s population is younger than 15 years and 7.5% is 60 years or older. Over 18 million (79.2%) South Africans classify themselves as African, over two million (9%) as Coloured, 2.6% as Indian or Asian and 9.2% as White. An annual population growth rate of 2.1% is the average for the country. Table 1 summarises the selected macro- and socio-economic indicators of South Africa. The GDP for agriculture, forestry and fisheries has shown significant fluctuation during the period 2003-2009. In recent years the contribution of Agriculture to the GDP has remained between 2% and 3% in recent years, and has been gradually declining, signalling a more secondary- and tertiary sector-oriented economy for South Africa. Historically, agriculture, forestry and fishing accounted for approximately 15% of GDP in the 1950s and 10% in the 1960s.

Key Statistics
Population 50,587,000 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
Employed in Agriculture N/A
GDP (USD) 408,688,836,497 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
GDP Agriculture Share (%) 2.4 (2011) Source: SADC Statistics Unit
National Budget (USD) N/A
Agriculture Budget (%) N/A

Latest Maize Balance (MT)
Year 2011
Availability 14,035,000
Requirement 12,717,000
Source: South Africa Crop Estimates Committee

Food Insecurity Numbers
Year N/A
Consumption Period N/A
Total Vulnerable N/A
Recent Staple Crop Production (Maize)

Recent Livestock Population (Cattle)
Provincial figures
Provincial Crop Production